What do we know about Fernstory cotton T-shirts?

In black and white but always in a classic way

The primary colors that can be involved in any creation are obviously black and white - those are the colors of Fernstory T-shirts. Not only are they fashion classic but also allow to fully resign from harmful dyes that are often found in the textile sector.

High quality of products - since design till production

Complete resignation from a mass production made it possible to make high-quality clothing. Those shirts manufactured in the UK are elastic, durable and extremely comfortable to wear - not only thanks to the eco-cotton but the design and sewing also play their part.

The printing is also organic!

T-shirts "Made in the UK" are representing Eco-fashion not only thanks to the
use of eco-cotton. Every printing is thematically matching our mission's principles and every single one of them is hand-made using a screen printing method. We use only water-ink for the production process.


Production of the optimal quantity - a fight with a glut

The Fernstory offers interesting T-shirts designs, however, they won't stay there eternally - every series is limited, reaching a maximum of 99-100 units. We want to avoid excessive production that is so harmful to the environment. The shirts are always made in such quantity that they will not be forced to stay in stock forever or to be reforged again without ever being used.

T-shirts from eco-cotton with a certificate

The most important thing to be able to tell whether or not the clothing is organic is certificates. And precisely all of our T-shirts are made of certificated eco-cotton, regardless of collection or production date.

T-shirts with Polish-Turkish-British soul

Focusing on every single shirt not only improves its quality but also gives it a soul. Anna, the designer, gains inspiration from folk beliefs and fairy tales and merges the tradition with modernity. T-shirts also have a pice of Turkish soul where the organic cotton for their production is gathered. On the other hand, the production in the UK stands for the highest making standards and regulations.

Ecological prints through and through

Prints on the shirts are ecological not only due to used materials. Their looks appeal to an eco-friendly lifestyle and caring about nature, both plants and animals.


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