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Why we decided to produce organic cotton t-shirts? Collective eco-consciousness is still growing. It applies both to individuals and to small and big organizations. Fernstory is a part of this second category, as the light in a tunnel retrieving hope to the textile sector. We are proving here that T-shirts can be made with the zero waste principle using organic cotton. How are we doing this and how did we earn our eco trust?


Eco Fashion with Fernstory.

A few words about Fernstory, that is a history of cotton T-shirts

Fernstory is a family business with huge potential and the experience of the owners and designers - Anna and her husband - with the production and distribution of Fashion Natural products was gathered for a decade already. That allowed them to get to know clients' needs better. On the other hand, the designer used the brands' name to bring attention to its polish originality - Fernstory refers to an ancient fairy tale, as well as inspired by it eco-friendly printings on the T-shirts. However, this natural cotton clothing has more of an international character. The organic material used to their production comes from Turkey and the production itself takes place within the United Kingdom borders.

Fernstory Products - Eco T-shirts


Graphic design on t-shirt show eye in the form of the landscape. Graphic design made on screen printing by water based ink.


Graphic design on t-shirt show the globe and Universe elements. Graphic design made on screen printing by water based ink.


Graphic design on t-shirt show silhouette style of the Elephant head come out from trees. Graphic design made on screen printing by water based ink.


Graphic design on t-shirt show the Tree of life. Future and the past symbol of life and death. Graphic design made on screen printing water based ink.


Eco Friendly T-Shirts made in the UK

Those cotton eco friendly T-shirts are hand-made in the UK only because in Fernstory we care about every human being - happy workers and satisfied customers. Every worker lives in this country where he happily participates in the eco production of T-shirts from eco-cotton.

Care about the weaker ones

The production of environmentally friendly shirts is a big step towards saving the Earth, although not the only one. We participate in charity movements with pleasure and regularly give 1% for this cause.

Fernstory eco-mission to save the environment

In Fernstory our mission is to change the world into a better place in which the environment will not be polluted. We do this both by the shirts production process and spreading the idea of caring about the world.

What do you gain by purchasing this product?

Organic products still gain in popularity. Human awareness of saving the environment rises alongside the recycling one and gaining the raw materials in a safe manner. Big brands like ours - Fernstory - are also appearing. We devote all of our strength, time and belief into saving the environment in the way that is the closest to them and, most importantly, effective. By purchasing T-shirts from eco-cotton you support not only the Eco-Fashion market but you also fight with mass production and support small business operations while simultaneously giving yourself a comfortable, soft and breathable shirt. Not only it characterizes itself with a small for an organic product price but also can be worn in various situations.


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